Other Router IP Addresses

Apart from the most commonly used IP addresses for routers, there are as well others that are more rarely used but equally important if you happen to have certain makes or models of network / Wi-Fi Routers. Below we have compiled a list of private IP addresses used as default ones for various router devices across the world.

How to use the default router IP addresses

As with any other router, accessing its admin panel is crucial for being able to configure and secure it. And in order to access and login as admin you would need to know the IP address in use as the main one of the device. Once you have a certainty about that, entering the IP in your browser address bar would immediately bring you to the login screen where you can use the default credentials (username and password) to log in and adjust its settings and features.

List of IP addresses known to be used by routers

How to find the default IP of your router

There are a couple of different ways to identify the current IP in use by your router. The most direct one involves you having a connected device (PC or a mobile phone) to the Wi-Fi network or the LAN network of your router. And if it is set by default to have DHCP enabled, then you would have your client device assigned with a private IP address part of the same network or subnet that would make it possible to connect to the web admin panel. If that is the case then you would definitely see that your WiFi or LAN adapter has obtained IP configuration which you can check to find out what the default gateway IP address is and therefore to try using that IP in your browser to open the web admin panel of the network router.