Joanna Moore started ME out of her greater LA studio in 2020. She has just completed her Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional certification, on top of the Amazon Web Services and CIW Web Development Professional. Fast-forward to 2022, and you see ME making waves throughout the industry with their solution-oriented, user-friendly, cost-effective products that are already being implemented in small, mid-size, and large enterprises throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

First and foremost all information on our website along with the features of the system used are completely free and open source.

Brad Smithy, a veteran Java and Python developer, and our Senior Software Engineer has worked tirelessly alongside Joanna to tailor the ultimate software development experience for our clients. The first step of that process was of course gathering a small team of dedicated, eager-to-learn, and passionate innovation professionals who have given their heart and soul to ME’s cause from ground zero. The results were quick to follow. Just two years after starting out in the highly competitive market of LA software engineering, our name is already causing a rip tide throughout the industry. ME differs from your soulless huge software corporation. We implement a horizontal management hierarchy, meaning each team member’s input is valued and taken into consideration when discussing the issues at hand. We believe in people-oriented business and apply that philosophy in the way we produce software. Match that with our outstanding technical expertise – our development team has combined over 180 years of industry experience and the expertise that goes with them – and you have the perfect company to partner with when it comes to creating the optimal software solutions for your business.