Read this tutorial to learn how to setup any wireless router. This is a step by step guide which anyone can follow. I recommend all you guys to read this article word by word to learn this topic properly.

Don’t have any idea where to start after you bought a wireless router? The complexity of cables and multiple ports makes many people confused on how to setup any wireless router for the first time. Every router is different from each other, they all come with different configuration and setup process depending on the model.

The best way to setup any wireless router is to follow the instructions manual which comes in its package. However, there are times when the manual is missing or it is hard to understand. In such scenarios, these general setting up instructions should definitely help you to setup any wireless router.

Guide To Setup Any Wireless Router

Setup Any Wireless Router

Wireless Router manufacturers have been continuously making it easier to setup and use routers. And by following the guide below, you will be able to set it up even easier. This will also help when you are trying to set up a used router.

Things You Need

  • A Wireless Router
  • AC Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Laptop or Smartphone

First of all, you need to place your router in a proper location, preferably in the center of your home or office with a power socket nearby. Now let’s move further with the process of setting up any router.

  1. Do not connect the router to the power supply. Begin with connecting your modem to the WAN port using the ethernet cable. (The WAN port is usually located at the back of the router, it appears identical to the LAN ports but is generally labeled as WAN and colored different.)
  2. Insert another ethernet cable to the LAN port of the router and connect the other end with the laptop. Plug the router’s adapter into the power supply. You might need to reboot your laptop to let it connect to the router for the first time.
  3. Open your favorite web browser and enter the configuration page address (you will find configuration page address on the box of the router or in the installation guide. The default addresses for most of the router’s configuration page are,,
  4. Hit Enter and a login page will appear, use the login details mentioned in the installation guide. The default login details for most routers are username: admin and password: admin or password.
  5. Once you login to the configuration page, you need enter an SSID (WiFi name) and a strong password. Make sure to use different combinations of alphanumeric and special characters to make your WiFi network secure. There are other options too like bandwidth allocation, blacklisting connected users and more, you can configure these options if you want to.
  6. In the next setup, you need to enter the configuration details such as IPv4, IPv6 addresses (provided by your ISP.
  7. Once you configure your router, you can connect to your WiFi using the password you defined in the previous step. You can identify your WiFi using the SSID you entered in step 6.

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In Conclusion

We have made this guide short and simple, this will help to setup any wireless router. However, if you are still facing difficulties while setting up your wireless router then you can let us know in the comments.

Which router brand are you using? Tell us in the comments.

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