Reading this tutorial will teach you how to reset any wireless router easily. You can follow the steps mentioned n this page to reset any wireless router in the world. Despite the recent developments in telecom field, there are tens of millions of people around the globe who still rely upon the best wifi routers. People have to reset their router when they face a connectivity issue or they forget the password/key.

The resetting involves high risk and you shouldn’t do it unless and until you have a clear idea of what it will result in. When you reset your router, you will lose quite a few data. The surprising fact is not every issue with the internet connectivity doesn’t demand router resetting.

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How to Reset Any Router

reset router

You have to be clear of why you want to reset the browser? Is it because of the lack of internet connectivity? Did you forget the wireless password? Or do you want to troubleshoot your web router?

If it’s the lack of internet connectivity that taunts you, a simple rebooting will do the trick. We call it the power cycling.

Power Cycle Your Router

Power cycling isn’t a complicated process. When your power cycle the router, you just have to cut the power supply and reapply it.

Most of the routers come with a power switch today. Just press once to turn it off and once again to turn the router off. In case your router works on battery power, you will have to remove it and insert back again. Another method is removing the power cord and plugging it back.

You can implement any of the three methods mentioned above. Undergoing power cycling doesn’t erase any of your details including the passwords or private keys.

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Soft Reset Your Router

In soft resetting, you will use the interface of the router to revert some settings. Once you do this, you will lose the wireless encryption (password), SSID name, and the channel number.

You must bear in mind that not all the router brands support soft resetting. For example Lynksis has that but not every iBall Baton router hasn’t.

Soft reset any router

In order to find the correct option, you have to login to your router console or interface (most probably Look under headings like Advanced, Security, System, Management, Maintenance, Administration, etc. You will find an option like Restore Defaults or Restore Factory Settings or Reset Security.

Press the same and you will have your router up and running in a few seconds.

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Hard Reset Any Router

Not all the time power cycling or soft resetting the router works. If that’s with your case, you will have to hard reset it. Hard resetting is actually a lot simpler than soft.

Take the router in your hand after disconnecting the power or removing from the broadband modem. Then, turn it upside down and look at the area where all the buttons are located. You will see a button named Reset or RST. Press and hold it for 30 seconds. In any case that doesn’t work, you may hold the button for 90 seconds. For some Linksys routers, it only takes 10 seconds.

reset any router

There you go! The router will be restarted as a fresh one. You will not have the following data you already set on it. Hence, you need to enter them manually again.

Router username and password

  • Wi-Fiusername and password
  • ISP username and password
  • Any port forwards you set
  • Any firewall option you made
  • In fact any settings you set in accordance with the router.

In Conclusion

If you only face the no-connection issue, I recommend the first two methods. It will solve almost all such problems. Don’t forget to note down the default credentials (you can see it on the package of the router) before you attempt to hard-resetting.

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