Reading this tutorial will teach you how to recover any wireless router password easily. You can follow the steps mentioned n this page to recover any wireless router password in the world. Did you forget your router password? Do you think it is impossible to recover the credential and access the configuration page at No, you can do it if you know the procedure to recovering the password.

You know the package of the router contains the login credentials. If you don’t have the packaging with you and you have no clue what the password is, you can follow the processes mentioned in this article.

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The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Your Router Password

recover router password

You already lost the packaging. However, I am going to give you a few simple places where you can check for the default username and password of the router.

Find the Default Username and Password

recover router password

You can have a look at the following places to retrieve the lost username and password.

The Sticker on the Browser itself

Some router manufacturers don’t follow conventional username and password. In such cases, they put a sticker on the browser itself to let the users aware of the credentials. I have even seen some manufacturers do the same when it comes to the conventional passwords as well.

So, you have to look at all the sides of the network router. Most of the times, you can find a sticker on the bottom of it.

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Router’s Manual

You might think all the routers from a single manufacturer bear the same credentials. But no, it isn’t the case! They change both username and password as the model varies. The first place you should check to get the router credentials is the manual.

Chances are you lost it with the packaging. However, I recommend you get it even after a tiring search session. You will see the default username and password there.


find default router password

RouterPasswords is actually a database of various router credentials. Using the search bar on the site, you can find the brand and model of your router alongside the necessary details.

What if you know the default password and it doesn’t work given you changed to new details? Well, you can reset the router to bring the settings back to the default state.

Reset Your Router

reset router password

Resetting your router is just like restoring your phone to the factory settings. You will lose all the changes you made to the hardware including custom passwords. So, your router will get back to the brand-new state. Once resetting happens, you can login using default details.

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How can you reset your router?

It is no brainer! Just scan your router for a hidden button. Most of the times, it can be found beside the WPS button. The hidden button has a label, mostly Reset or RST. You need to press it and hold for a few seconds (in most cases, 15 seconds works well).

Now, you need to restart the router. I recommend you keep it in turned off state for a while. When it returns to the working state, you will see the custom password has been removed.

What if pressing the button and holding it for 15 seconds don’t work?

Just increase the duration to 30 or 90 seconds. I am sure that it will work perfectly well.

In any case you feel baffled with the options, you can use the comment form down below to share your query with us.

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