Do you need to reconfigure your CenturyLink modem? This article will give you the details on how to do that. If you are having problems accessing your CenturyLink web user interface, perhaps you are entering the wrong values. If you have recently changed the default username and password then your problem will be easily solved. You only have to reset your CenturyLink Router Login IP to its factory default setup.

Having personal login details will prevent other people from accessing your router settings. If you do not want hackers to invade your privacy you should change your CenturyLink router login IP to your preferred values.

So no matter how mad you are for constantly forgetting and resetting your router, it’s alright. Keep in mind that it is much easier to reset the router than have all your personal information stolen by external entities.

CenturyLink Router Login >

Reset CenturyLink router login IP to default


If you are not familiar with the CenturyLink router login IP web user interface, then we will start the guide from the very beginning. This way you will not get lost when we start entering new password and username. Let’s begin.

  1. Make sure that the modem is on with all the lights functioning.
  2. Now look for the reset pinhole at the back of the modem near the power slot. It usually colored in red.
  3. Use a paper clip or anything pointed enough to reach the inside of the reset area.
  4. Now push the paperclip inside the reset hole and hold it for 10-15 seconds.Reset button
  5. Release the reset button and let it reboot.
  6. Once it fully rebooted, you may now continue the configuration.

Configuring new login values

  1. When trying to access the web UI, it is best that you connect your device directly to the modem. That means you should use a laptop or a personal computer for this to properly work. If you have no choice but to connect wirelessly, make sure that you are in the right range where connectivity will not falter or disconnect.
  2. Open the browser and enter in the address bar the IP address
  3. Now, a prompt will appear and will ask that you enter the username and password. Since you already reset the modem, the previous username and password will not work. The default username and password should be at the bottom of the modem on a sticker.
  4. If the sticker is gone, you will have to search it through the CenturyLink official website.CenturyLink Advanced Setup
  5. Once in, click the Advanced Setup. Then look for the Administrator Password.
  6. Click Enable on Set the Administrator username and password state.Administrator Password
  7. Below that, enter the old username which in this case is Admin. Next is you should enter the new username and the new password.
  8. Click Apply and let the web user interface reload.
  9. Log out and try to enter again on the web UI prompt. Now use the new username and password.
  10. That’s all you need to know about CenturyLink Router Login IP.

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If you have an issue about remembering usernames and password, it is best that you write everything down when you have chosen the new username and password values. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the whole process from the very beginning.

And also, try to use the username and password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for everybody else to figure out. That way, you are well-protected and have a very thin chance of getting hacked online or by your neighbor.

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